Global Running Day and Another Race

June 1st was Global Running Day! To celebrate, I rounded up the Runhers gals and we met at my favorite bar in Edmond, The Patriarch.  I was really nervous about the whole thing, as it was my first time to organize an event and because most of the day leading up to the social was RAINING. I was pleasantly surprised when quite a few people that I knew showed up and then even more surprised when quite a few people that i didn’t know showed up! We did an easy out and back run for 30 minutes and then sat down and had a beer and enjoyed each others company! What a treat.  If you’re ever in my area, I can’t recommend The Patriarch highly enough.  They had a locally brewed peanut butter stout from a brewery called Mustang Brewery  that was epic and good.

Yesterday I was able to run my 6th Half Marathon! I waffled for most of the week about whether or not I wanted to run this race.  I had a cold after doing the long  United Relay run two weeks ago and after the run the cold turned to bronchitis.  I made it into the doctor on Thursday before the race to confirm that it was bronchitis and get some antibiotics and my general practitioner told me she thought i was ok to run the race. I signed up on Thursday night and made travel plans with my friends and husband for race day on Sunday.

The race started off cool and lovely. There was lots of rolling hilly sections that I was not prepared for (I did not look at the course map one time) and at the last 4 miles of the race I was mentally spent and it was starting to get hot.  I got turned around at mile 9 of the course and almost ended up cutting the course because I was confused about where I was supposed to be and too focused on following other runners and my music.  So I ended up with an extra .75 mile on my race distance. Whoops! I’m kind of an idiot.  It was fun and a good story though. I looked down at my watch when it dinged for 13 miles and I was at 2:00:34. So I feel like I pr’d! This is not at all what the race time says, but who cares? For a race that i basically walked up and registered for and didn’t really properly train for, I’m pleased as punch with the time and the experience. We also had a great brunch in stillwater after we finished and I enjoyed driving and chatting with my friend Brooke on the way to and from the race. It has been a good racing spring and I’m feeling amazing this morning considering I had a tough race yesterday!

Go Pokes! 


I’m going to take it easy for the next few weeks, but I start training for NYC on July 4th! Marathon training is going to start with a bang!

United Relay For America

Last night I was given a lovely opportunity to run for United Relay For America. This year, United Relay is running three unbroken relay legs across the United States to raise money for various causes.  The red route started in Seattle, Washington on April 27th and will finish in Prospect Park in NYC on June 4th. The white route started in San Francisco, California on May 4th and finishes on June 4th in Prospect Park as well. The blue route started in Santa Monica, California and concludes their leg in, you guessed it, Prospect Park, New York on June 4th. I was lucky enough to run through legs 200-202 in Oklahoma with the white route via #bibrave last night and boy was it a blast! My friend, Laura  Mullins of the great blog, Presently Running and Runhers fame is a bibrave pro and she organized our involvement with the run last night. I can’t thank her enough for drawing us all together and keeping us going into the wee hours of the morning last night and early, early, early this morning. So where do I even begin in describing our night?

We met at 10:15 on friday to wait for all of our runners to gather before intercepting the baton from the stage that was running before us.  It was a great group of girls, some from our Norman group and some from the OKC group.

Before the run!

This is my lovely group as we started our first leg of 6 miles! It was a lovely and wonderful 6 miles and I was lucky to spend most of it talking to the OKC director, Staci Patton. She is a much faster runner than I am, so I was really happy that I was able to comfortably pace with her. We did however, have to part ways when she opted for a part of the trail that was kind of scary to me. We had decided to cross over the river at a bridge and she thought it was a bridge that I was not comfortable crossing, so I kept going to the next one. I’m a little chicken when it comes to bridges, so I’m gonna say that I was playing it safe!

Leg 201 was next and Laura took her Norman runhers on that portion of the journey. This leg went through Bricktown, and the halfway point was at the Oklahoma City Memorial. If you aren’t from Oklahoma, you might not know what this memorial is for. You should research it and check it out if you are ever in Oklahoma because it is so powerful and striking to see. I have not ever seen it at night, so getting to visit at night was just breath-taking.

Bricktown was a fun and vibrant area to be in late on a friday night. I really think we should have gone into one of the many bars and had a drink. But maybe that was just my tired and child free brain screaming for a throw back to younger days.

Four miles later and it was time to start leg 202! The big show had arrived! 11 miles of bliss and commraderie….or whatever you want to call it. I was dreading this. I was good to snack and hydrate, but jesus I was tired. I could tell that my fellow runners were pretty tired too. It was sometime after 1:00 in the morning, and we’re all professional people. Who WOULDN’T be tired?

So we got to work, I think we had 8-10 runners with us on that leg. We headed away from the boat house, and somehow on lincoln we got to some back roads, via an interstate off ramp and believe you me that was scary for a little bit. But like I said, I’m wicked scared of bridges and nonsense. The miles went by surprisingly fast! It was hilly as all get out and we got a surprise visit from Midwest Cities finest police officers! A local patrol man who was aware that we were on the roads that morning stopped us at a gas station where we were rehydrating and volunteered to escort us for the entire remainder of our leg of the run! So we got to run up all of the lovely and steep inclines of midwest and del city escorted by a police officer. I wish I had thought to ask the man how slow he had to go to accommodate us.

During the run! 

I really enjoyed the whole run and I was pretty comfortable until about mile 9 of our last leg. Everything felt achy and I was just out of gas.  Many of the other gals were too, but we soldiered on and got it done. I was so EXCITED when we made our final turn onto the road where we were having the exchange. I was able to kick up the pace a little bit (and I mean it when I say a very little bit) and finish pretty strong. Our relay host duo, Francesca and Michael were every bit as tired as we were and just so nice and so positive and so wonderful. I have really enjoyed getting to meet them and I LOVE seeing their updates on the white team through social media. They were so stinking great.

So we did it. We ran a ton. We had so much fun and we finished. I went home and showered and crawled into bed around 6:00 am, just as my oldest son was waking up. It was still so much fun. I think it was almost like those lockins I used to go to at church as a kid. Except there was no going to sleep until noon the next day. I have kids. Sleep is over. But yea! We did it! We also raised some money for a great cause. So if you’re east of Oklahoma and want to make a difference between now and June 4th when this all wraps up, go look up the United Relay and get out there and RUN!

After the run! 



Cool Gear and Finals

I got some really great goodies in the mail today! image1

As I have mentioned no less than 100 times this month, I recently joined the ranks of the Oiselle Volle team and today I got the sweetest letter confirming that! I was also thrilled by the adorable temporary tattoo and stickers that were also included in my packet of goodies.

Also in the mail today were my new super bright LED arm bands and new balega socks! I’m not an ambassador of balega, although I do believe I should pursue that avenue, but I ordered the arm band and the socks from amazon with a belated birthday gift card and all of these lovelies showed up together today. Balega makes my absolute most favorite sock so i’m thrilled to be putting them on in the morning! I’m a lucky and happy gal today! I’m still waiting patiently for my latest volle order to show up and my singlet as well. I can’t wait to be rocking the fly style all the time! Tomorrow I will throw on my new socks and arm band and do some trail running with my BRF. That is going to be a great way to start a Saturday for sure!

I completed my finals this week, had a few job interviews and laid out some plans for the next few months. Now i’m pooped.

Time to lay out the gear for my early morning and snuggle the boys on the couch.

Before I go, are any of you all ambassadors for Fitfluential? I’m trying to get that all set up and ready to go and it is making me feel so technologically challenged. My children have both been with me as I try to set it up though, so maybe I should attempt it when I’m not as distracted.

Tra- la- la!



I’m excited. And an update on a few non running things.

I’m excited about running y’all. I have so much in the works right now and it’s giving me happy fits.  As I mentioned earlier, I just joined the Oiselle Volee team a few weeks ago and I have started getting familiar with their merchandise and a few of my fellow birds.  This is such a cool club to be a part of.  With the membership to Volee, one gets a bad ass Oiselle Volee singlet, free shipping on internet orders, a community sounding board with other volee members and heads up on discounted and new merchandise. I mean come on. BEAT THAT. I dare you.  I’ve made a few purchases since I joined Volee and last week, my first order showed up.  I am now the proud mama bird owner of a remarkably comfy pair of yellow roga shorts and a gray flyte tank top. It feels good while wearing, I think it looks good and most importantly it does the job that it was designed to do while wearing. The waist band on the roga shorts also hit right at the last bit of mommy tummy I like to try and hide when wearing athletic gear.  My outfit felt light and cool and airy the entire time I was out running this weekend. I’m also thrilled at the amount of POCKETS these shorts have on them. I can not wait to get my next order with my new bra and new shorts.

Fitfluential happened today as well! I am really excited about this opportunity because it gives me chances to use my passion for fitness to review products and grow my blog and maybe someday even help my families bottom line by reviewing products. How cool would that be?

So I have the oiselle thing making me happy, the fitfluential thing making me happy and next week i’m getting to run a few legs of the white leg of the UR America United Relay of America! On Friday, May 20th (how is it may already?!) my friends in the Runhers Group and I will be running legs 200, 201 and 202 for the United Relay of America. We meet at 9:00 pm-ish and run 6 miles, 3 miles and 11 miles respectively for the three legs of that run. It started in California at the Golden Gate State Park in San Francisco on May 4th and ends in Prospect Park in New York City on June 4th. This is a really exciting endeavor that the organizers are putting together and it raises money and awareness for some great causes.  I’m looking forward to taking some pictures and sharing our adventure.  Also i’ve been told that we’ll probably be eating greasy diner food after the last 11 miles.  So that’s a great thing.

It’s almost June! Which means it’s almost time for another half marathon, and then MARATHON TRAINING STARTS. I’m excited about that too if you didn’t already know that.

Finally, I want to tell you all about my Sweet Georgie Boy turning 1.  We had his first birthday with my family and a few friends on Saturday and it was a great time. I really appreciate and am thankful for everyone that came together to celebrate our little guy hitting his first birthday. We ate some great food, smashed some cakes and told some lies. I cooked a lowcountry boil and baked two smash cakes for the two birthday babies. My dad flew in from North Carolina, and a few of Stephens family members came in from out of town too. It really meant the world to me that my BRF (best running friend, see my post about her) let me take over the party day on the kids actual birthday and have a good time. She means the world to me and I just love watching our kids grow together.  We are lucky that our families were able to be together on their birthdays. It just blows me away that our kids arrived on the same day one year ago. If you can’t tell, I love Kristen and her family.

Things to come!

I’m very excited to tell you guys (whoever you are) that I just got confirmation that I will be a new FITFLUENTIAL AMBASSADOR! I am really jazzed to share their message with my readers and grow my audience.  I have a lot more to say about that but I’m headed to the gym, so It will be coming in the future.

Also on the horizon,

I’m going to do a post about becoming a member of the oiselle  team and a review of the items that I have purchased from them since becoming a member.

Spoiler alert, I LOVE THEIR PRODUCT.



May-day (we’re going down)

Do you have a time of year where everything is kind of boiling over and you’re just staring at the calendar, waiting for the next month? For us, that month is most definitely May.

I’m in the process of wrapping up my spring semester.

Finals are approaching, the ink has dried on my last paper (not really since computers are life now) and I’m rejoicing about that. Next semester is going to be a real fun challenge with working and the kids, but we’ll manage. Like we always do.

On Saturday my sweet Georgie boy turns one and we’re having some family over to celebrate.

My dad is flying in late on Friday and I’m really excited about that. Stephen and I really enjoy spending time with him. He always brings good beer, so it’s a win/win really.

We are headed to Lindens birthday party on Sunday after my dad leaves and then Monday, I’m taking all of my finals and we are hosting a dinner party for a friend of Stephens.

Linden is having drainage tubes put in her ears on the 11th and lastly (most importantly) it is Stephens birthday that day too. This is one paragraph of run on sentences. May 12 will be a great day. Events will be over and it will be summer time for me and the kids.

So yea, we are living in this bubble of overextended commitments for a little while and I’m overwhelmed.

June should be much more relaxed though. And I’m running another half! image

Russvegas and inner musings

April 23rd was Russvegas.  I ran a 2:04.19 and i am pleased as punch with that number. Was it my sub 2:00 goal? No? Did I empty my tanks that day? Absolutely.

I’m going to start this blog recap off by saying that I am a humbled fool for thinking that I could travel to my hometown for a race without any incidents.  I know this now and I will be adjusting my expectations for future races that involve me driving four hours, staying in an unfamiliar place with my kids and interacting with family on a semi friendly basis.

So that’s out of the way and I have to say that the whole weekend was 80% awesome! I woke up early Friday morning, got the kids loaded up and drove to Russellville with not one problem.  I got to take my gma (who’s house we stayed at) to my little brothers play and catch up with an old friend in the process. Lovely.  that evening, when we got back to Russellville, I went to pick up my race packet and that’s where the whole weekened kind of unraveled.  The packet pickup was really chaotic and understaffed.  I was tired and short and feeling anxious about being away from the kids so close to bed time.  I was short and irritable.  Everyone survived though.  Thank goodness.

12:00 am: Race Day. The madness begins. George, who has probably spent only three nights away from home since he was born is unhappy with our lodgings and telling everyone about it.  He screamed and fussed from 12:00 to about 3:45 am. I tried scratching his head, rocking him, nursing, driving around with him, taking him out side, EVERYTHING SHORT OF CALLING A PRIEST FOR AN EXORCIST and it just did not work.  So he finally figured his life out and sacked out around 4:00 and I was able to sleep for about an hour.  I was an anxious and emotional mess and really just wanted to bail on the whole weekend.  I didn’t and at 7:15 I was lined up in B coral to head out and run the streets of Russvegas.  On 2:32 hours of sleep. Oh lord.

7:30 and the race has begun and I’m emotional. I’m tearing up at the first half mile, just overwhelmed by the night and the fact that I miss my husband and the whole notion of running this race. I wanted so badly to finish under 2:00 hours and I just felt so disappointed that It probably wasn’t going to happen.  I looked down at my watch at mile 1 and realized that I was letting my emotions get the best of me because I was running an 8.42 which is not my normal pace at all. Slow down jes. You’ve got to ease up! You still have 12 miles to run! I didn’t listen to myself though and I kept this nonsense up for about 8 miles.  And then I hit the wall. At mile 9 I felt all of the anxiety and emotion of the previous night catch up with me and it hit me like a brick. I went from a 8:42-9:20 to a 9:40 and then a 10:40 and then a 10:50 and a 10:18 and was over. It felt weird and anticlimactic and I’m bummed that I didn’t do what I set out to do. I know i can do this.  I know I will do this. I just wanted this to be the race that it happened. But it didn’t and i’m cool with that. It wouldn’t be MY story if I didn’t have to work for it. So here’s the plan. I’m running again in June. In Stillwater and it’s going to be hot as heck but I know I have this race sown up. The race gave great medals, a cool pullover and free pictures. MAYBE i’ll do it again.